Follow These Five Tips When Implementing Time and Attendance Software

Automating labor management processes or upgrading to a more robust time and attendance system are both intelligent business improvements. Following these tips and tricks will help businesses obtain maximum value from their new system, while also ensuring that the new processes are implemented as seamlessly as possible.1. Pick your team!The first step in selecting an automated time and attendance software system is to assemble a selection team. Typically, a project leader is chosen to coordinate various activities and manage the selection process. The team should reflect an extensive cross-section of your labor force. Encouraging a broad range of employees to provide input will reveal a diverse array of labor management issues that need to be addressed with the new system.2. Evaluate the out-datedEach member of your team needs to understand the limitations and frustrations caused by the current system that is encouraging the transition. The more conversation and knowledge, the more likely you are to resolve those issues with the new system. Several areas to focus on include employee interaction, managerial access and reporting needs, along with a simple data exchange to your payroll provider.3. Do your researchA helpful reminder: a vendor is not just selling you a time and attendance software system. Your selection notes the start of a long-term business relationship that extends far beyond system features and functionality. The implementation phase, training and on-going support are all vital to obtaining the desired value from the new software system. Be sure to take an in-depth look at the vendor’s performance record and history in the industry, which can be achieved by a simple request for references.4. Making change welcomeSounds tough, right? Luckily, a quality system’s ease of use makes its introduction simple and practical. Be sure to communicate the benefits associated with the new system specific to each section of your workforce. Talk to your employees so they understand how to take advantage of the new levels of self-service, transparency and recognition. Also to note: do not forget to update employee handbooks with details of new procedures.5. Implementation PhaseWhen implementing new time and attendance software, you must ensure that accurate records are maintained within your current system. To do so, clearly instruct employees to use the ‘live’ system as the first and last database. Failure to do so invalidates employee work hours, opening the door to potential lawsuits.

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